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Consider his rules for men's wedding clothes a solid starting point for all your suiting options, whether you're a groom, groomsman, or wedding guest.

Dress Codes for Men's Wedding Attire


The most formal of all event dress codes is the white tie. According to McNamara, "absolutely wear a tuxedo with a black or white formal jacket." “You must also wear a bow tie, which can be either white or black.” You can also wear tails (a jacket with a back that reaches knee length), but keep in mind that this is a rare requirement for American celebrations. Shoes should be black, but patent leather isn't required.


If your invitation says "black tie necessary," "black tie requested," or "black tie welcome," you'll need to dress up. That may be a conventional matching tuxedo, but it doesn't have to be black (navy, hunter green, and burgundy are all hot colors right now), or trousers and a formal dinner jacket that don't have to match.


If you're going to wear a suit and want to be safe while still looking trendy, McNamara recommends light gray or silver, which is "different" but doesn't stand out too much. If you want to make a statement, now is the time to do so—patterned and colored coats and suits are appropriate for a cocktail dress. (As are shoes that aren't black.) Respect is essential for landing a more daring look.”


Choose a suit in a lighter color or material (tan, light gray, light blue) (i.e. linen). Neckwear is normally not required; but, if the event is more casual, a solid white linen shirt—“it works 100 percent of the time,” notes McNamara—can be worn with a lighter-colored paint. When done well, they can be a smash, but if you don't know much about fashion or aren't sure how fancy


This is yet another great chance to experiment with pattern and color. For a garden wedding, McNamara recommends a suit or jacket in a Prince of Wales or plaid fabric, as well as encouraging his customers to experiment with color: subtle pastels like salmon red, sage, and slate blue will all feel celebratory. Try a knit or patterned tie in a more vivid hue if you're wearing a classic gray or blue suit.


Here, cocktail or garden clothing is appropriate. The outside aspect of the facility makes it a little more casual than a ballroom, but formality levels can vary greatly, so do your research. Google previous weddings held at the location and make your decision from there.


If you're attending a wedding in a more formal setting, go for dark hues, a jacket and trousers, and definitely neckwear. “You can always remove the tie later,” McNamara says.


While the practice arose out of need during the pandemic, it is likely to persist as a romantic alternative for couples seeking a more intimate celebration. If you want to dress up for a backyard wedding, McNamara suggests cocktail wear, but otherwise stick to the garden or casual dress code.

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