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While we like outdoor weddings in every way, a forest wedding is always a favorite of us – because it's not to love with tall trees, mossy floors, wildflowers, hot brooks? There's an intimate and magical thing about tying the knot in the middle of a huge forest. Furthermore, your marriage backdrop is already built on the astonishing scenery and natural beauty of a forest. The decoration work was done for you by Nature! Look only at these ideas, and in the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, you will find yourself.

1. Celebrate Nature's Beauty

The best thing about a forest marriage is the amazing natural landscape, so enjoy the tall trees and the mossy forest ground in a sure picture-crawling way. Pro tip: Taking your marriage photos will help set your wedding photo gallery scene. Photography:

2. Set the Tone With Your Invites

Forest business planning? Go forward and tease your invitation suite with the scene. An aquarelle with a pine and birch tree illustration gives the classic vibe on this set. Whether you're in a forest of palm trees, pines, or birch trees, we love the idea of tailoring the illustration to your marriage place.

3. Embrace the Season

Your wedding in your forest might not be luxuriant and green depending on when you get married, but it can't be any magic. An autumnal wedding has its own beauty, with bare trees and dropped leaves that sprinkle its earth with gold. It's a great photo backdrop, as this bride proves.

4. Consider a Neutral Suit

Have your boyfriend play with his suit the earthy forest tones. Any neutral shade will do. Tan, taupe or brown. This woman wearing a brown Todd Snyder suit complemented the natural environment of California perfectly. In addition to what we will call traditional neutrals, designers have expanded the color range, which is seen as a good choice, to include a new color range. These new neutrals are as mixable and versatile as the ones listed above, but they go beyond the desired and increase your neutral decor options.

5. Look for a Forest Chapel

If you're looking for a place, look for one with such an outdoor chapel — a wooden altar-piece and tied pews that will node the wood surrounding them. The redwood grove is the focus of the wedding background at this ceremony, which is virtually not a decor. Hironaka Ogawa wants to refer to the surroundings in a direct fashion to the Forest Chapel in the garden of an existing marriage center.

6. Elevate Your Vows

Decorate with simplicity a wooden platform – greenery, grass, and some white flowerings are all you need. Let nature speak mostly when you marry in a beautiful redwood grove. Vows vary according to religion for religious marriages. Judas only recite vows when the ring is made (or rings are exchanged). However, the declaration of vows symbolizes the point at which the bridal wife becomes husband and wife in any of the other examples that we have gathered here.

7. Create an Altar from Trees

Composed of aspens, greenery, and neutral flowers, this altar appears to have been directly pulled from the storybook pages. The altar is surrounded by a wooden platform and a clear acrylic podium. This is the perfect tribute to the ancient Aspen grove. An altar is a holy place used as a ritual. In religious ceremonies and holy architecture, altars have been used for millennia. Altars are usually associated with offering up offerings to God or Gods on a traditional site of sacrifice or ritual.

8. Serve a Rustic Cake

End the night with a note inspired by forests and design the wedding cake like a birch tree's bark. The woody look is completed by pine cones, twigs, sugar flowers, and a stubborn plate charge. Your wedding cake design will be one of your most exciting to-dos. If you have a rustic marriage in your heart, your cake might be a seamless extension.

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