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All of the couple's best friends will be in one area, which means there will be plenty of opportunity for fun. Sure, having everyone together to celebrate their engagement would be fantastic, but you should also create engagement party games and activities to get attendees socializing. You'll probably be seeing these folks a lot over the course of the next several wedding-related activities, so what better way to get to know everyone than with some amusing icebreakers?



The Wedding Shoe Game is a favorite wedding event that evaluates the couple's knowledge of one other, making it ideal for couples' engagement parties. To play, the couples leans back, each clutching one of their own shoes in one hand and the other hand holding one of their partner's shoes. The wedding shoe game, which is popular at engagement parties and wedding receptions, puts the couple's knowledge of one another and/or their relationship to the test.


This is the type of thing that would be a great way to spend the big day itself. It's an opportunity for people to show their joy for the couple and their affection for them. Although this isn't a game, it is something that the couple's friends and family will enjoy. Set up a station with pens and slips of paper where guests can write notes to the newlyweds to be opened after the wedding or on their anniversary. Even non-crafty brides-to-be may put together DIY message in a bottle wedding favors for unique and personalized gifts for their wedding guests, making the wedding day memorable and delightful for all.


Hunting for rings is the perfect activity for a couple's engagement party, especially if there will be a large number of guests and/or friends. You can easily set up all of the additional features.

For your engagement party, games and activities, including the most unusual activity you've ever heard of.

Go to a party supply store and buy a handful of plastic wedding bands to use as favors. Hide the rings throughout the party area and have attendees look for them during the shower. A reward will be awarded to the attendee who discovers the most rings.

An engagement party is a wonderful opportunity to share the happy news and bring family and friends together to celebrate the impending marriage.

Engagement parties are traditionally held by the bride's parents, however they can be thrown by anybody. Some couples go so far as to host their own party!

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