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Updated: May 17, 2021

Start searching for a potential photographer

Once you've set a date, it's time to start looking for wedding photographers. Photographers are usually booked 4 to 6 months ahead of time. I understand how difficult it can be to choose a photographer. In this industry, there are so many skilled, talented people, and I had a long list of photographers to choose from.

Most likely, you've already read an article or watched a video. You might find them on the internet, some in social media posts or on other articles, or you might have friends who recommend you at a previous wedding, such as the photographer.


Decide on the style of photography you want

Fine Art, Photojournalistic, Traditional, Editorial, Moody and Gloomy, Adventurous, and other Wedding Photographer Types are available.

Don't worry, you're not alone if you've never thought of your wedding photography style. Most couples don't know different styles of wedding photography exist. But just as you need to know your wedding style before you get flowers or decorations, before you start looking at photographers, you need to know what photography styles you enjoy taking.


Explore their portfolio highlights

You can view each photographer's portfolio, access their website and social media pages, and even contact them directly via our directory. We suggest taking a pen and paper to make notes on all of your favorite photographers and also why you love them so much.


Have time to interview the photographer

After reviewing the portfolio and deciding on the right photographer, you should set a date and time for an interview and discuss the details. Always feel free to inquire about the photography services they provide.


Look for photographers who are willing to work out a deal

Learn how to negotiate with your wedding photographer from a photographer of marriage who saw everything!

Simply ask any wedding photographer what their bigger issue is, and 'customers requesting discounts' will probably be among the top three. Negotiations are a bit difficult to deal with.

As creative artists, many wedding photographers don't talk about money. But we must be more vocal as businesses in how we approach the subject of discounts and negotiations.

You can contact us at 833-928-9368.

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