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When it comes to the big day, the bride bears the brunt of the stress. Choosing the ideal gown, arranging the décor, and keeping the bridesmaids happy can all become full-time jobs in and of themselves. What about the groom, though? It's his big day, too, and the days running up to the wedding will undoubtedly be hectic. If the groom does not prepare properly, he may have some issues with his future bride.

How Do You Pick the Best Suit Fabric?

It might be difficult to choose the correct fabric for your suit, and one approach to make it easier is to stay inside your comfort zone. You want something that feels right for you at your wedding. Udeshi tells Brides, "I would recommend getting a suit that fits the wearer's size and personality." "A made-to-measure suit is a great way to ensure that it fits the groom perfectly and that no compromises are made.


  • A blended cloth is just that: a combination of two different fabrics. For suits, the primary fabric is usually wool or a kind of wool. Silk, linen, cotton, or another fabric could be used as the other fabric. Blends are more versatile than single ingredients. A wool and linen blend, for example, isn't as heavy as a full wool suit, but it's also not as cool as a whole linen suit, making it great for transitional weather.

Wedding Shoe 

A full suit or tuxedo may be present, but a pair of dress shoes completes the ensemble. Finding a designer or brand you can trust for both style and comfort is crucial when purchasing dress shoes. Whether you're a groom seeking for a pair of one-of-a-kind made-to-order dress shoes or a wedding guest looking for a pair of oxfords or loafers that will last you years rather than seasons, the brand is one of the first things to think about while searching for the perfect pair.


  • We prefer options when it comes to men's dress shoes, and Magnanni has them all. Magnanni has a wide selection of stylish men's dress shoes, including some with extra flair (we love the Aranga style!) and a line of stylish wedding-appropriate sandals for destination events, whether your wedding day attire calls for something classic like a pair of lace-up shoes or something more sophisticated like buttery leather loafers.

Leather Belts for Every Wedding Style

For males, it's all about the accessories when it comes to wedding apparel. From the tie to the cufflinks, these accessories—including belts—are a terrific way to tell your style story. Belts are possibly the most essential accessory in men's formal attire, second only to neckties. Making a choice on your big day—or as a wedding guest—can be difficult with so much weight on the belt. While it would be ideal if each suit came with its own belt, having someone else do the labor for you is the next best thing. This is where we can help.


  • All black looks great, and this belt includes matching stitching. You can't go wrong with this all-black option, which features a contemporary buckle and Italian leather. The belt is also reversible, going from black to brown, which adds to its charm.

Wearing Classic Watches on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to traditional wedding jewelry, a watch may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but the proper piece can truly elevate a look. A traditional timepiece is surprisingly adaptable and stylish, and it may quickly transform into a wardrobe staple once the wedding day is done. Watches are increasingly frequent among grooms and should always be considered while searching for the appropriate tuxedo item. However, instead of putting on your usual leather watch.

When you hear the phrase "wedding fashion," you might immediately think of bridal outfits. With so much emphasis on wedding dress, it's understandable that the groom's style choices may feel secondary, if not completely ignored. However, there has never been a more fascinating or better moment to experiment with your grooming style.

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