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Summer is unsurprisingly the most popular season for couples to tie the knot. It has become the greatest time of year for many to tie the knot, with better weather, brighter and blossoming landscapes for photos, and more flexibility in your guests' travel schedules.


01. Why not offer your guests fans, parasols, and heel stoppers if your ceremony will be held outside. They can also use them at a later time in the day. When it comes to your wedding party's dress, choose lighter fabrics that will make them feel more at ease. Setting up a tent or other decor to provide shade will also be appreciated by your visitors. Furthermore, wedding favors can be made in a variety of ways.

02. You should try to take all of your wedding photos outside. The light that comes from the sun is the best. If possible, schedule your wedding ceremony to take place well after the midday sun has risen. If you create a photo booth background to frame your guests' photos, they will be stunning. You can go as simple as a hung picture frame or as ornate as a vintage doorframe covered in flower cascades.

03. Maintain a light and airy atmosphere for your wedding dinner. During the summer, seafood and salads are very popular. Your visitors will go wild over ice cream and ice pops. Consider serving Pimms or a gin with strawberries as a garnish at the drinks reception. Choose a basic menu that focuses on a variety of light appetizers, cold salads, fruits, and desserts to create tasty and summer-friendly cuisine.

Of course, the weather has a significant impact, and most locations will make their judgment on the day. It's a smart decision to have a backup plan. The beauty of a summer wedding in the open air makes for a truly memorable occasion. Organizing a wedding during the summer poses its own set of challenges. The heat is one of these issues that need to be addressed. We understand how important your wedding day is to you, and that you would not settle for anything less than perfection on the big day itself. Any wedding that spends as much of its day outside as feasible will have a more casual, summer mood. From the drinks reception to group and family photos to cake cutting and, if feasible, the supper in a semi-outdoor setting, everyone will have a one-of-a-kind and memorable day. It's crucial to think about how your guests will feel as the sun shines down on them, whether you're having a garden wedding or a ceremony in a location. Fair-themed wedding games include everything from hook a duck to carousel rides! The classic coconut shy has been given a quirky twist by couples who have swapped coconuts for pineapples.Spring/Summer is a time of fresh blooms and vibrant colors, which should be reflected in your wedding decor.

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