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Life as we knew it has come to a halt, with many governments imposing restrictions on public meetings. The "new normal" is still far from normal, and no one knows how long it will remain. We would want for all of our loved ones to be present, but that is currently a near-impossibility. But that doesn't mean you can't have a spectacular wedding day, replete with speeches, photos, vows, and the ability to watch everyone's responses. It'll just have a more... virtual appearance. 

During these days of social isolation, technology will be your closest friend, especially when it comes to preparing a virtual wedding. We'll walk you through the steps of planning a wedding over the internet.

Virtual Venue Tours

Virtual venue tours have existed for quite some time. On our wedding venue sites, we offer a number of 360-degree virtual tour movies that give you a panoramic picture of the various event areas.
Many wedding venues are going a step further during the COVID-19 quarantine, delivering personal site visits through FaceTime and Skype! You can virtually "walk" through the event rooms with the venue's on-site organizer, discuss what your wedding might look like there, and ask questions as they arise. What better way to find your dream location from the comfort of your own home than with a personalized virtual site tour?
  • This is an excellent opportunity to meet the venue coordinator and discuss specifics.

Live Stream Wedding

A live stream wedding is for you if you're a modern, forward-thinking couple who wants to tie the knot NOW, regardless of what's going on in the world. Only a fast internet connection and basic technology are required. Here's how you can put it all together:

Throw a Virtual After Party

To hold a virtual "reception" with your guests, use a software like Google Hangouts! Tell them to put on their best clothes and get ready to party.

If you want to be more formal, connect your speaker and have your first dance. Make a cake from scratch. Make your signature cocktail (maybe the "Quarantini") ahead of time and offer them the recipe so they can join you. Allow your visitors to make a toast by turning on the "mic." Throw your visitors the most amazing virtual party they've ever seen.

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

Many couples are choosing for streamed weddings now, with intentions to organize vow renewal ceremonies, receptions, or just a really amazing party to celebrate once the pandemic has passed and people can congregate again. So, even if you have a digital ceremony now, your dream wedding can still happen afterwards.

Because virtual wedding receptions are still relatively new, one of the advantages of this event type is the lack of rigid regulations enforced by convention. You have complete control over planning this wedding and inviting anyone you want! Many people limit in-person guests to close family and friends while sending virtual invitations to distant relatives and business friends. This way, no feelings are harmed and no budget is swollen.

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