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A wedding theme sets the tone for the big day and guides from there every esthetic decision. It may therefore be a very intimidating undertaking. Wanna go the romantic way, or keep things current and fresh? The decision might be daunting with so many types and forms of marriage. It doesn't have to be, though.

For each wedding style and venue, we have completed the greatest wedding themes, no matter how unusual. Use this as a comparison reference to finally get away from the planning review list with this important decision and build the basis for your vision. For every wedding style, we've compiled together theme ideas.


A romantic wedding is generally a sweet color, sensitive lighting, and an abundance of flowers. In this area look at pastels, lights (including candlesticks), calligraphy, and a wall of flowers.


Buck tradition with an alternate theme of the wedding, but roll as you see appropriate. If cool, gloomy palettes of color and inventive stalls better complement your taste than a luminous floral and wedding decor, an alternative theme is written all over. As much as you like, push the boundaries.


The simple and homely atmosphere in this theme is all supported by string lights, mason jars, twine, lace, and everything wood. If you're a giant DIY aficionado, your cup of tea is a rustic marriage setting. If that is your dream marriage, choose a more rural place such as a stylish and cozy barn.


If you want to have a more personal, relaxed ceremony, choose an outdoor wedding. This laid-back design is great if you're married in the courtyard and have a summer or springtime.


For brides of this grandeur, all the stops are to be taken and complete (wine glasses and everything) table settings with a full meal, posh seating, adorned floral arrangements (even on the cake), and an amazing head table to mention just a few formalities are included.


To make a lovely tropical wedding – a couple could have a tropical atmosphere blended into their New York City wedding – you don't have to go to the beach location. You need a lot of plants, a laid-back decor, and a signature beach cocktail (such as fronds and neon flowers).


Bring the next level of your winter wedding with vacation elements. Christmas Wedding choices are infinite from Christmas tree decoration and ornament accompanying cards to warm winter drinks. Hope for a little snow on that day, ask your DJ, gift candy canes, or Santa hats to provide "All I Wanna for Christmas Is You," and you have all set.

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