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A modern wedding theme is a wonderful opportunity to show off your appreciation of modern design for couples with a flair for all things contemporary. Your wedding should showcase your appreciation of all things modern and trendy!

So how do you host a wedding in the present era? For modern wedding ideas on everything from invitation sets to chairs and tablescapes, we went to the professionals.

Some Modern Wedding Ideas

Ghost Chairs

"using unexpected variables like vellum, concrete, or acrylic (to simulate Lucite) can provide a modern air to your event." "Because acrylic chairs are essentially transparent, everything around them may glow. With the addition of acrylic ghost seats, the setup was given the appearance of a floating ceremony built on top of a garden fountain.

Mismatched Bridal Party

Outfits for bridesmaids. It's a feature that will give your wedding day and the pictures a whimsical touch. senior event organizer and designer at True Event, says that whether you let your bridal party choose their own outfits or you prompt them on a specific color, style, or design that you encourage them to wear.

Minimalist Wedding Dress

"the bride chose a lovely, simple gown by Rime Arodaky for this stylish wedding." The bride's wedding photographs had the ideal focus point thanks to the basic design and clean lines.

Set the Tone With Stationary

"Invitations are a significant component in your wedding theme because they are the first representation of your wedding style." Bold typography set against a simple layout will present your stationery as straightforward and contemporary for a modern occasion.

A Simple Backdrop

An elegant color scheme, clean lines, and a plain background may make or ruin a modern ceremony setting. By using less decor, you may draw attention to your pair, the venue, and your minimalist design.

Greenery Instead of Florals

Use arrangements rich with vines, leaves, and other lush, green flora, advises Remy, "to transform your celebration into an example of a contemporary design."

Monochrome Color Palette

"One of the simplest methods to highlight a modern wedding is to use a variety of materials in a monochromatic color scheme,"

Modern rental furniture is very well-liked in the wedding market because it is simple to adjust your ideal wedding location. We gathered the greatest advice from wedding industry professionals to help you create a beautiful and modern wedding if you're looking for more contemporary wedding ideas

So, if you're interested in learning more about weddings. Visit the wedding wizard today.

You can contact us at 833-928-9368

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