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Updated: May 17, 2021


The significance of having your wedding filmed and photographed.

Regretting not having a video

While there are many reasons a bride may look back on her wedding day with regret, not having a wedding video is probably near the top of that list for some. You're enjoying one aspect of your wedding while another room, or possibly another area entirely, is hosting a really cute and important memory that you won't be able to witness.

This is just one reason why having a wedding video of your ceremony made is a good idea. While you may not have been present, the videographer most likely was and could have captured all the cuteness for you and your family to enjoy and relive for years to come.

Wedding day memories

Of course, you'll have photos from the wedding day. Everyone you know will most likely be taking photos and even video clips with their camera phones and other devices, and you have probably hired or are thinking about hiring a wedding photographer.

Another thing to consider is that videos take up much less space than printed photos and are more interactive because you can see people as they truly were on your wedding day. Friends who have moved away and you no longer see, or family who may not be able to visit as commonly as everyone would like.

They can allow you to hear your grandmother's laughter again or listen to your little girl sing to you when she is older.

Sharing the importance of wedding video for the future generation

Think of every time you have been through the stuff of your grandparents or the stuff of your parents. Their images and their ancient videos. Maybe you think "Wow! Wow! Wow! "So what do you look like?" or "Look at this old car! Look at the young Mom or Dad!" A wedding video is a fun and easy way for you to share with your children, their children, and perhaps even their children your personalities, voices, and even those daddy jokes. The file can be easily uploaded to the cloud and added to their genealogy programs to share with future family members that you may not even meet or that you never know. You can get these videos to life again and enjoy the memories again.

Wedding anniversary celebrations

Consider your wedding anniversary. In five years. Consider it in eight years. ten years 50th. How many details from your wedding day will you remember after all these years? (For example, how well do you recall your debut birthday?) How many minor events from that day will you be able to tell your children and grandchildren about when they ask? Unfortunately, one very real negative impact of time is that we forget even the most beautiful or perfect events, and a wedding day is one of those incredible days in our lives that will simply pass.

Some brides even declare that when they watch their wedding videos, they notice new things they didn't notice before or realize there are things they've already forgotten, even after only a few years. Sure, we remember the big things, like the vows and the dance, but those smaller, more intricate moments, like your best man's beautifully written toast or the sweet moment between your grandparents, can easily be forgotten. Fortunately, with your own wedding video, you won't have to forget anything because it will have all been captured in real-time, coloring, and stereo. You can show the video to your family and friends to relive the big day, or you can simply sit down on your anniversary with your spouse and watch it.

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