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Everyone is aware that Sunset Cliffs is one of San Diego's numerous natural treasures. Everyone always wants to visit this oasis of serenity and tranquility. This styled shoot, however, ran with those emotions.

The exquisite place settings reflected the hues of the lake and the crashing waves. And the immobile set took on the cliffs' light and airy appearance. In this styled shot, the feeling and tone of Sunset Cliffs were so brilliantly captured.

  • The most crucial aspect of preparing was ensuring that our wedding day reflected our connection and sense of style. It greatly enhanced the personalization of our day that we only selected the customs that represented us. We decided to celebrate a wedding week because we wanted our families to be there. We did not regret taking extra time to spend with friends and family prior to our wedding because of out-of-town visitors and having all of our favorite people in one location. Everyone insisted that the entire day had been us.

"I always thought that walking down the aisle I would be super nervous and anxious. I remember laughing with my dad and feeling super excited right before. In that exact moment, we felt like time stood still – we couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other."

  • We wanted to do something intimate and sentimental in a place that held special meaning for us. For us, that location is at a cliff's edge in the hot Californian sun. We met by the ocean on the east coast, proposed by the ocean in San Francisco, and had to wed by the ocean there as well. We wanted to capture the beauty of the surroundings and the sensation of being by the seaside, including the breathtaking views and the sound of the waves slamming on the rocks.

  • Our main goal was for the wedding to genuinely reflect the two of us rather than follow any particular theme. The color scheme for the bridal party was delicate and natural. There was a lot of greenery and a variety of textures in blush, ivory, pastels, and taupe hues. All of our family and very close friends—who we consider family—were in our bridal party. 

Blues can evoke so many different feelings, from quiet and serene to colorful and eye-catching! Strong blues encourage thought whereas softer, gentler blues quiet the mind and improve attention. Blue is the hue of the mind. You couldn't ask for a better setting than one of our top favorites, Sunset Cliffs at Ocean Beach, when discussing the ideal San Diego location to find the whole gamut of stunning blues!

There’s nothing better than a wedding with a only few guests (the surfers), and Mother Nature as witnesses when starting the beginning of forever with your partner.

So, if you're interested in learning more about weddings. Visit the wedding wizard today.

You can contact us at 833-928-9368

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