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It's your big day, your wedding. It should be enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable in every manner. The wedding guest experience, on the other hand, is equally crucial. Your friends and family are traveling from all around to join you in celebrating, and we want them to have a fantastic day.

There are things you can do to guarantee they have a positive experience from the moment they receive your Save the Date card in the mail to the time they peruse your gift registry to the time they arrive at the venue on your wedding day. Discover eight strategies to ensure that your wedding guests have a great time (while also benefiting you!).


When the majority of your guests are traveling from out of town, a themed welcome party can be a great way to kick off the celebrations. Its appeal (regardless of your wedding style or preparations) is that it can be treated as a separate celebration. When choosing a theme for the night, consider the activities you enjoy doing together or eating. If your topic is related to your vacation, you'll get bonus points. Make sure to express the dress code, provide specific decor, and establish the tone for a fun night for your guests. They'll be happy to spend extra time together (especially if they've traveled a long distance), and they'll be even more anticipatory of what's to come the next day.


During weddings, many types of performance artists have become a popular way to create a unique environment and experience. With this category, the sky is the limit, and it's a great chance to wow guests with something unique from other weddings they've attended. From jazz bands to aerialists and dancers, these performers can help you create the atmosphere you want for the dance section of the evening.


So many wedding favors are left behind, even with the greatest of intentions. After a good night of dancing, guests frequently miss their table or forget to return to their seat to retrieve theirs. Spend a little more on welcome things at the hotel check-in, or make it a delicious item that they can nibble on later, instead of investing in something that guests are likely to leave behind or not utilize (like handmade chocolates or custom decorated cookies). Better still, while they're at the front desk, have those late-night edibles brought to guest rooms. When guests return to their rooms, they'll be startled and moved by the gesture, and there will be less waste than before.


Consider mixologists and unique food sampling booths. For this one, take inspiration from the wedding theme and objects you adore! You'll note that this list has a lot of "interactive" stuff – and with good reason! Cocktail Hour and your late-night snack menu complement each other wonderfully. Espresso Dave and Beer and Bubbles, two New England staples, can be enjoyable beverage options. Consider a cigar bar if your new husband like cigars. If you're an artist, how about starting a caricature studio? The possibilities are infinite.

Don't forget to think about your visitors! Your wedding is as much about celebrating your legal union with your SO as it is about the comfort and delight of your guests.

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