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It is possible to interpret vintage wedding ideas in a number of different manners. A vintage wedding theme can transport your guests back in time while also bringing your favorite era to life for you and your guests to enjoy. Choose the decade or period you want to emulate when planning your vintage wedding.

In addition, choosing vintage ensures that your design, fashion, and decor elements are unique and cannot be easily replicated or re-created by another party. It's vital to distinguish true vintage from vintage-inspired objects, which have been treated and weathered to look like heirlooms and are sourced, authenticated if needed, and conserved over time.



Be sure to research the venue, its history, and the people who have lived there over the years in order to get ideas for design elements, motifs, and themes. Your wedding will be filled with history if you choose a historic venue, whether it is in the United States or abroad. Your reception and ceremony should be inspired by the space, and you should make use of the antique furnishings, landscaping, and architecture to create a unique look for both the event itself and for your wedding photos.


Antique chandeliers, candelabras, and vintage taper candle holders light up the room for a style that's as romantic as it is timeless and harkens back to the opulence of royal balls and galas throughout history. The glow of candlelight is unsurpassed when it comes to illuminating a party, dinner reception, or other intimate gatherings.


Place numerous sorts of carts throughout the event, possibly each one specializing in a distinct spirit, and don't worry about them looking perfectly uniform. A polished cocktail hour, complete with drinks created to order per guest by servers stationed at antique bar carts, is the epitome of elegant, sleek, and sexiness. The uniqueness of antiques and vintage is what makes them so appealing. Intimate weddings in the home or backyard make this cocktail service a lot easier to pull off, and your guests will appreciate not just your attention to care in the event décor, but also your attention to detail in the drink service.


Unique to Champagne, France, Champagne is typically made from a blend of grape harvests from different years. Though vintage often refers to something that has been sourced and archived, it does not always refer to something that you can keep for years after you've decided to appreciate it. Why not go all out with your toasts if you're planning a genuinely antique wedding? Select a vintage to drink on the night of your wedding for just the two of you, as a nod to a crucial year in your family history.

It can be difficult to narrow down the greatest vintage wedding ideas at first with so many styles and historical periods to choose from, deciding what to include in your big day takes careful thought. Retro brides or those who love the vintage trend can rest assured that their wedding will look beautiful and timeless when they master the art of vintage-inspired design and decor. A serious romantic theme nonetheless, one that won't cost you a fortune to execute.

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