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One of the most important parts of your wedding will be the music. Classics work for some people, and why shouldn't they  Nothing like At Last or Shout to bring a tear to your eye or get everyone on the dance floor. However, for many modern brides, uniqueness is the complement they seek. It's simple to get started with music. Okay, maybe easy isn't the right term. Curating playlists is enjoyable for music fans. It's stressful for those of you who listen to the Top 100 Spotify playlist.

1. Don’t forget live bands.

Hiring a band might be worth it if you have room in your budget. They'll enthrall your visitors, keep the party going, and who doesn't enjoy a good cover

2. How do you want to feel after you get married

Consider how you want to feel after marriage when choosing the vibe from your wedding dinner playlist. Celebratory, Romantic, Relaxed, You have it! Find the feeling, then begin to select your songs.

3. Don’t waste dance hits.

Don't spend your cocktail hour on a good party song. Save the crowds for later.

4. Make sure your DJ knows your must-hear melodies.

We know you have a very specific musical taste, and so do your guests! Not every dance or party song will get people moving on the dance floor, and not every song that people love to dance to will be played on a regular basis. So, how do you get the DJ at Sound Wave Events to play your music? It's that simple.

5. Create a do-not-play list.

The ceremony ends, and there is a full reception. Your wedding is a perfect reflection of you and your fiance's style, from the venue to the decor to the food. An older friend of your grandma comes to you and thankyou you for how gorgeous and elegant the wedding is.

While I adore Buble, he will not be performing at my wedding. Give your DJ your don't-play list and make sure they stick to it, even if a guest requests a song.

6. Never skip a soundcheck.

In this time, there is much to be done! To confirm the location, timelines, and other necessary info, the band has to interact with the site management or event planner. They then have to load "often more than a medium-size van is full" into all their equipment, put everything into position, and cable it all together. It usually takes about an hour to complete this task.

7. Consider entire albums.

In honor of all marriages, we've compiled a list of the best marriage quotes to include in your personalized wedding photo book. Find meaningful quotes, messages, and love statements on wedding albums that capture everything special between you and your partner.

8. Be super detailed.

When it comes to planning, don't worry about being overly Type-A. The more information you provide your vendor, the more successful they will be. When my brother married, he provided a list of 30 songs to his DJ. It exemplified the variety he was looking for as well as the vibe he desired. The DJ found related artists and songs to include after studying what my brother gave him.

9. No Rated music

Grandma and the kids will still be there... Wait till dessert is served before using any swear words.

10. Don’t stress

Like I explained earlier, these songs will serve as background noise. Don't be too concerned! Save your anxiety for the music at your wedding and celebration.

Stress is a common aspect of life, and it affects everyone at some point. That doesn't make things any simpler, though! Stress may be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel while you're dealing with it.

When you're stressed, all you need is a reminder that you'll soon be through the tunnel and that the light is just around the corner.

You can contact us at 833-928-9368.

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