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You and your wedding party will go down the aisle to a processional song, which can be one song for everyone or a different song for your grand entrance. You and your new husband depart the venue to your recessional music, which is typically more energetic than the processional music.

There are classic selections for both wedding entrance and exit songs, and we've included a few possibilities for you to consider. As we provide some of the best wedding music options, sit back and relax.


This piece of classical music, also known as Here Comes The Bride, is the customary option for the bride's procession and is frequently played on an organ. We've picked a somewhat more modern arrangement for classical piano by Vicente Avella, so you can preserve the tradition without the drama!


Another popular option among brides. This wonderful piece of music sounds stunning when performed by a traditional quartet, but we really appreciate Per-Olov Kindgren's classical guitar rendition.

A THOUSAND YEARS THE PIANO GUYS (originally Christina Perri)

For their processional music, many couples can't decide between a classic instrumental and a more modern lovesong with vocals. Why not combine the best of both worlds with an instrumental cover of a song you love? We adore this Christina Perri piano and cello cover - check out The Piano Guys for more classical covers.


If you're looking for a modern song but aren't sure what to choose, we think this is a great option. Both the tune and the lyrics are lovely, and the tempo is appropriate for a processional.

Because music defines so many of the most significant aspects of a wedding, such as the reception entry, first dance, and last dance, it's only natural that some nice tunes be played before the celebrations begin. The majority of wedding guests arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the ceremony, and while you're not compelled to provide entertainment during this time, it's not a bad idea to have some music playing to pass the time.

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