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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Wedding budget breakdown

  • The venue, catering, and rental are all 50% off.

  • Photography and videography accounted for 12% of the total.

  • Attire, hair, and make-up account for 9% of the total.

  • Decor accounts for 8% of the total.

  • Entertainment accounts for 7% of the total.

  • Wedding Planner (3% of the total)

  • Stationery accounts for 2% of the total.

  • 2 percent: officiant, transportation, wedding bands, and guest favors

The top five wedding budgeting blunders to avoid

1ncertainty over who pays for what. U

Inquire about your parents' plans to contribute to the wedding expenses. If that's the case, ask them to commit to a specific cash amount, and then tally up all of the contributions to make your budget. Instead of committing to a financial number, it may be easier to ask each set of parents to fund a specific feature of the wedding (such as the ceremony, honeymoon, or catering). Decide how much you and your partner will be able to contribute between now and the wedding.

Some of the most important factors that can impact who pays for what is listed below.

  • The general budget

  • The number of people on the guest list

  • The location, as well as the date and time of the event

  • The wedding style

2.Incorrectly allocating funds

Don't fret if you're wondering how you'll be able to afford something as expensive as a wedding—possible. it's Start putting aside as much of your income as soon as you're engaged for the wedding. A good—though lofty—goal is to save 20% of your monthly salary. The more time you have together, the more money you'll be able to save. You can also save money by minimizing your minor purchases.

These modifications will have little impact on your quality of life, but the increased money will pay certain wedding expenses after a year.

3.Making the Mistake of Forgetting to Keep Track of How Much You've Spent

You've made your budget, but the next few months will be spent tracking and allocating your funds. To ensure that your expenditure is where it should be, follow these four steps.

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