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You'll want to invite your relatives and friends to mingle, and doing something extra to entertain your wedding guests will keep them talking about your wedding for years to come.

You won't find a more impressive method to impress your guests than by hiring a fire performer. These adventurous performers specialize in a wide range of pyrotechnic talents, from juggling blazing torches to fire-eating, and produce a visual display that will leave your wedding guests speechless.


Whether you're having a country wedding or a reception in a city loft, a Volkswagen van photo booth can keep your guests entertained. The vintage-themed van will not only provide a fun décor element to your event, but your guests will also be able to pose for photographs with entertaining items in the rear. Between the wedding ceremony and reception, the cocktail hour may keep visitors active and entertained. A photo booth may also assist bridge the gap, keeping attendees amused and the atmosphere light. It's a great way to pass the time when you and your new husband are taking those breath-blowing images that will make your grandmother cry.

The dance party will assist you in performing a dance routine that is likely to generate a positive response from the audience. This couple enlisted the help of their wedding party and close friends from across the country to learn this dance via online video lessons before the big day, and then had a large group practice the day before the wedding. Create a wedding day timetable with your planner or venue organizer, and make sure to share it with all of your other providers to ensure that everything works well on your big day.

Dessert stations are popular, and adding a s'mores station, pick-and-mix candy bar, or sundae ingredients will have visitors creating their own scrumptious desserts. Just a few days into the process, you'll find there's a lot to think about in order to design and execute a flawless and gorgeous event. Weddings aren't all garden roses and ballgowns, and figuring out even the most banal aspects takes some significant brainpower.

They're an important part of your life, and they'll be much more so on your wedding day. Borrow one of these wonderful ideas from other couples for your own celebration to honor their support for your relationship and express how much you actually love their companionship.

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