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Consider a wood or antler engagement ring if you're searching for a unique engagement ring that matches your partner's outdoor loving nature.

Many of us grew up surrounded by the natural world's beauty and strength. Hunters, anglers, outdoor men and women, and nature enthusiasts from all walks of life share a passion for the outdoors. Camping, fishing, and trekking in the woods have left us with some of our best memories. Nature-inspired wedding rings should be more than simply jewelry; they should be one-of-a-kind and significant keepsakes.

When ordering an antler engagement ring, you may pick between light and dark antlers, as well as the gemstone you want in your ring, as with all of our engagement rings. A statement ring does exactly what it says on the tin: it makes a bold statement. These rings are made from naturally shed Colorado elk antlers gathered from the forest floor and are tough and attractive, making them ideal for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

These flower-inspired ring settings reflect the splendor of fresh spring blooms with blossoming petal designs, delicate foliage, and gently curving lines. Spring is here, and we've got some of our favorite flowery engagement ring styles for you! The flowers of your choosing are encased inside our Ring Armor coating, which is transparent, incredibly durable, and water-resistant. This stunning, nature-inspired appearance is finished off with diamond leaves and glittering embellishments.

Antique walnut, black cherry, chestnut, rock maple, and oak are some of the greatest hardwoods for wedding rings. Choose your favorite diamond and couple it with one of our numerous engagement ring wood alternatives, or send us your own emotional wood, and you'll have the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse who enjoys the outdoors! So, when the concept of making wooden rings from of historic and meaningful woods came up, I knew I wanted to execute it the way custom artisans did in the past.

After all, while the engagement ring symbolizes a commitment, the wedding ring is the last piece of the puzzle. When looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding band, it's crucial to think about elements that aren't typical.

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