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Most wedding planners can help you receive better service from your wedding providers while also saving you money. The unpleasant fact of weddings is that the suppliers you employ will most likely only work with you once in their lives.

There are distinctions between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator.

Find out what those distinctions are!


From vendor recommendations and contract negotiations to the day-of implementation of your vision, wedding planners are all about the logistics. Some wedding planners also provide design or styling services, assisting with the creative aspects of your wedding day, while others prefer to leave those elements to a wedding designer, requiring you to employ two specialists to create the wedding day of your dreams.


A wedding coordinator is more concerned with logistics than a wedding planner, but on a shorter timeframe. They normally start assisting you a month before the wedding and serve as your point of contact on the big day. Coordinators ensure that everything you've accomplished up to the point where they take over is in good working order.

A wedding coordinator is someone who is responsible for coordinating the logistics of a wedding. A wedding planner is active throughout the planning phase, whereas a wedding coordinator is generally involved in the organization of a wedding roughly one month before the big day.

These experts may swoop in and ensure that all of the couple's hard work pays off on their wedding day as they relax and enjoy themselves. If you employed a wedding planner, having them also serve as your day-of coordinator can help you avoid having to hire someone new.

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