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What You Need to Know If You're Going to Have Flower Girls

If you're getting married, there's a good chance you've attended a wedding at some point in your life. As a result, because the memories are still fresh in your mind, you have some sense of how your bridesmaids should or should not be handled. Flower girls, on the other hand, are far less common than bridesmaids, even if you were a flower girl when you were younger.

*Who pays for the flower girl dress?

The flower girl's parents are traditionally responsible for purchasing the dress. If they are paying, it is polite to give them a couple of options for flower girl gowns or to allow them to choose from a color palette. If you have a particularly specific flower girl outfit in mind and want the child to wear it no matter what, the bride or groom should offer to pay for it.

*What events does the flower girl attend?

Invite flower girls to the wedding shower so they may get to know the bridesmaids better, and give them a small task to keep their focus. She can, for example, collect the bows and ribbons if you're following the rehearsal bouquet custom. You'll want her to feel special even before she comes down the aisle, just like you did when you asked flower girls to join in the ceremony.

*How should flower girls prepare for the wedding?

A flower girl's job is to drop flower petals down the aisle as the bride and groom walk down the aisle. A bride can assist your little one in preparing to walk down the aisle if she is frightened before the event. Assist her parents by meeting with the little girl to practice her walk down the aisle, which will also provide more bonding opportunities.

*Does the flower girl come to the rehearsal dinner?

The bride and groom can decide whether or not to invite the flower girl and her family to the rehearsal dinner, but make sure it doesn't last too long so she gets enough sleep! In the case of a destination wedding, it's always a kind gesture to invite flower girls and their families to the rehearsal dinner because they've come so far to not only attend but also be a part of the ceremony. If the current is going in the right direction.

*Will the flower girl get ready for the bridal party?

Allow the flower girl to spend time with you and the bridal party after you've finished getting ready with your bridesmaids. She doesn't have to stay for the entire morning, but inviting her to participate and possibly even paying for her hair and makeup will make her feel especially special. Having the flower girls spend this extra time with the older girls will both raise her comfort level and help her feel more confident.

*Does the flower girl stand with the bridesmaids or stay seated at the ceremony?

This is dependent on the situation, the age of the flower girls, and the bride's personal preference. It's typical to have younger flower girls sit with family and the rest of the guests after their walk down the aisle rather than standing with the bridal party. If she fidgets during the ceremony, it will be less obvious.

*Who watches the flower girls during portraits?

Flower girls will join the bridal party for formal photos or getting-ready shots once they are dressed and ready to go in flower crowns and dresses. It is not your obligation as the bride to keep an eye on them, but make sure you know who is in charge of making sure they are safe. If one of the parents isn't at the wedding party, have them supervise the shots so that everyone feels safe.

*Where does the flower girl sit at the reception?

Flower girls are not required to sit with the wedding party at a head table. Unless both parents will be at the head table anyhow, have children attendants sit with their families.

*Do I need to get my flower girl a gift?

Whether you paid for the girls' flower dresses or not, it's still polite for the bride to thank the flower girl for walking down the aisle and being a part of your celebration. A small gift, as you would for a bridesmaid, is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure it's age-appropriate or something she can keep as a keepsake, such as a pearl necklace that can be worn as a bracelet later in life.

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