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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Having your wedding in the winter has a special enchantment all its own. An evening no one will soon forget is created by the crisp air, the snowy surroundings, and how pleasant it feels to be gathering with friends and family.

If you're getting married in the cold, something probably drew you to it. It might have been the glistening snow, the festive color schemes, or even the festive spirit. Whatever the reason, you decided to hold your party during a colder season. It's time to get ready for your function now. If you adore winter as much as we do, you'll want to highlight the unique season in a variety of ways

Go Small
  • The number one technique to save money on your wedding is to reduce the guest list, any wedding planner will tell you. Only 17 people attended Brett and Ryan's wedding in Colorado, which gave them the freedom to treat guests to a fine dinner.

Send Graphic Invites
  • For a more traditional winter wedding, a straightforward black and white arrangement looks particularly beautiful. As an added advantage, since you won't need to use any color, making your own invitation suites can help you save money on printing.

Select a Gown With No Embellishments
  • Typically, dresses with layers of elaborate beading cost more than those without. Fortunately, elegant options for a winter wedding—especially for city brides—include silk crepe styles. Washington, D.C. Although simple and exquisite wedding dresses are available in many price ranges, Jordan Quinn opted for an Oscar de la Renta classic for her wedding.

No matter the season, your wedding will be a memorable event, but there's something particularly wonderful about a winter wedding. An evening no one will soon forget is created by the crisp air, the snowy surroundings, and how pleasant it feels to be gathering with friends and family.

Take Pictures in the Snow
  • The best benefit of a winter wedding is also the most cost-free one: enchanted snow photographs! Save these photos until after the ceremony if it's snowing heavily or if the flurries are coming down quickly. In this way, your hair and makeup will still look good for your big debut and any first look pictures you may take beforehand.

Choose an All-White Palette
  • A traditional all-white wedding is genuinely seasonless, so you may discover a broad variety of low-cost décor solutions in this color scheme. Go simple and choose cool-toned elements for a contemporary spin on a winter wedding. Not gold, but silver. The simplified appearance will enable cost savings while maintaining style.

Let Your Venue Do the Heavy Lifting
  • If your site is already prepared for winter, you won't need to spend much on extra decorations! There are many gorgeous winter wedding venues in the United States, but Terrain at Styer's, just outside of Philadelphia, is one of the coziest locations to get married during the frigid months on the East Coast.

Embellish Your Cake With Natural Accents
  • Although sugar flowers are a lovely addition to wedding cakes, they may be pricey. Look to the winter season's natural elements for something more straightforward but as lovely. The ideal finishing touches are pine cones and snippets of evergreen tree branches.

Get inspired before you begin the wedding planning process. We're guiding you through what it takes to pull off the ultimate winter wedding,from thinking about the practicalities to doing all of the fun stuff—like picking the dress and choosing the cake.

So, if you're interested in learning more about weddings. Visit the wedding wizard today.

You can contact us at 833-928-9368

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